Van Gogh's Little Known Relatives
      The grandfather who moved to Yugoslavia --- U. Gogh

      The brother who accidentally bleached all his clothes white --- Hue Gogh

      The real obnoxious brother --- Please Gogh

      The brother who ate prunes --- Gotta Gogh

      The uncle who worked at a convenience store --- Stop N. Gogh

      His dizzy aunt --- Verti Gogh

      His domineering aunt --- Vira Gogh

      The cousin who moved to Illinois --- Chica Gogh

      His magician uncle --- Wherediddy Gogh

      The cousin who lived in Mexico --- Amee Gogh

      The nephew that drove a stage coach --- Wells Far Gogh

      The uncle who was constipated --- Cant Gogh

      The aunt who loved ballroom dancing --- Tan Gogh

      His ornithologist uncle --- Flamin Gogh

      His nephew, the Freudian psychoanalyist --- E. Gogh

      His cousin who loved tropical fruits --- Mang Gogh

      And he had an aunt who taught the power of positive thinking --- Whey Too Gogh

      His bouncy young nephew --- Poe Gogh

      His Disco-loving sister --- Go Gogh

      And his niece, who's been traveling the U.S. in a van --- Winnie Bay Gogh