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As you may or may not know I was in Galicia from the 13 to the 17 of June. I went with Rogerio, Ramon, and Antonia, who grew up in Galicia, making her the tour guide.

Galicia is the panhandle area of Spain that extends just north of Portugal. The Celts used this area as a rest stop on theit journey to Ireland around 900BC. There is still a lot of Celtic influence in this area, as can bee seen in the incriptions, bagpipes and architecture. The people of this area are very proud of their heritage, and I've used the official colors of Galicia throughout my journal entries for this trip.

I was able to understand a surprising amount of the local language, although it's not exactly Spanish and it's not exactly Portuguese. Gallego, the common language here, is actually sort of a missing link between Portuguese and Castillian, but the population understands and speaks Spanish quite well. I guess it's a tribute to my Spanish teachers that I still remember as much as I do after 10 years.

We started from Aveiro and drove to a small village just outside of Vigo, then went up to Santiago. After that we drove to A Coruña, then back along the coast to Vigo, and finally back to Aveiro.

Alright, that's enough of my rambling on about the area. It's time for you to start exploring for yourself through the eyes of my camera. Go for it!

Week 5 Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

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