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Monday, 18 June 2001
Hey there folks! I got back really late last night (actually this morning), and I haven't written everything up for the trip just yet, only a few notes. I should have the pictures and stories posted within a few days. Keep and eye out for them. I took over 700 pictures on the trip (I love having a digital camera) and while not all of them will make the cut, that's a lot to go through.

After a not so early start to the day, I spent my time getting things back in order here at school and trying to respond to the many e-mails that had built up in my absence. I showed Professor Doty the pictures when we went back home, and he spent over an hour poring through them. Two of them especially caught his interest, but more on that in the write-up.

Tuesday, 19 June 2001
Today I started the day working a little program I had come up with, but things were running REAL slow, so I put that on hold to figure out what was up with my system. Among a few other things, I found out how badly fragmented my hard drive was, so I started the defrag program and headed out to lunch.

That was at 12:30pm, and the program finally finished a little after 4pm. I did some reading and worked on some hardware, but really it wasn't a productive day. Most of what I really needed to do was on the computer. I've got to admit that things are running a lot better now.

I headed home earlier than usual to take care of some things at home, most importantly my laundry. Since things have to be hung out to dry, I have to start the laundry early. The problem is that the machine takes about 2 hours to run through its cycle, then I have to hang everything out to dry. We're pretty close to the sidewalk, and in addition to the clothes blowing off the line (the winds are pretty strong) I'm worried about some of the clothes walking off.

The first time I left them to hang out for the day, I came back to find half of my shirts on the ground, and some of them had new marks on them. All of this means that I generally stay home and keep an eye on my clothes when I do laundry. It pretty much takes the day to do a load of laundry.

Wednesday, 20 June 2001
Yet another boring day in paradise. The weather's been nice all day and I spent a little time outside in addition to my work in the office. Professor Doty and I started making plans to hold a 4th of July bash here in Portugal to celebrate the 225th birthday of the good old U.S.A. Other than that, I'm still sorting through pictures and writing things up from last week. It just takes time to put it all in a format that is readable on the web. Keep an eye out for it.

Thursday, 21 June 2001
I spent today working on some problems I'm encountering with a program I'm writing. Later in the afternoon I held my regular lab session for the students in my class. After that I rushed home to get ready for a going away dinner for two of the french students here in Aveiro.

We all had dinner at a place near the Praça de Peixe, then headed out for one last night together. I didn't bring the camera with me later in the night, but trust me, we had a great time!

A lot of the students are finishing with classes in the next few weeks, so they're going to be travelling or going home to find work. The last week or two here will be pretty quiet since almost everyone I know will be gone. This was pretty much our last big gathering.

Friday, 22 June 2001 - Sunday, 24 June 2001
I'm off to Geres for a weekend camping trip sponsored by the International Office here. I'll be back on Monday, but I'll have the details of the trip posted as soon as possible.
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