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Monday, 2 July 2001
After my long weekend, I took Monday morning off and came in after lunch. I accomplished a little, but I kept getting interrupted, so it wasn't as productive a day as I had hoped for. I left school to drop off my things and change for dinner. I went to meet Monika, Marta, Rogerio, and Antonia at the student residence, and from there we went to Pizzart, a local Italian restaurant. After dinner, we went back to the residence and chatted for a while, then went to prepare for the long Tuesday we all had coming up.

Tuesday, 3 July 2001
Got an early start on the day and made it into school by 8:30am. I had a lot of little details to work out, and I knew the afternoon would be busy with party preparations. When I logged in, I found a lot of e-mails I had to respond to, so that kept me busy for a while.

Once I finished with all that, I worked for a while on a problem that's had me stumped for a couple of days. Later in the afternoon, Professor Doty and I returned home to start our cooking for the celebration.

After about four and a half hours in the kitchen, we sat down for a few minutes because things were still simmering and doing what food does. We got off our duffs to clean up after ourselves in the kitchen, then relaxed and settled in for a quiet night. I really wanted one after the busy times and long days I've had the last few weeks.

Wednesday, 4 July 2001
I came in for a couple of hours today intending to figure out how to get my new program to work right. At this point I can generate a fatal exception error and crash windows. I think I know what's wrong, but it's a pain to fix. I didn't actually end of fixing it completely, but I've narrowed down the source of the problem.
I met Professor Doty for lunch at 12:30pm and we talked about the last minute things we had to do for the party. After lunch, I went home to start on the decorations. That's pretty much how I spent the whole afternoon. Among other things, I had to blow up the balloons and cut up the crepe-paper to make banners, then put them all up.
Luis Almeida came at ten till 7pm to pick up Professor Doty so they could go get the Portuguese dish we ordered in case the 'American' food didn't go over too well. While they were gone, I finished preparing the salad and making sure all the other foods were ready.

People started showing up a little after 7pm, and the party began in earnest.
Party time! This chili's not hot!

Surprise, Luis! Joaquim and son (Miguel) Party Picture Too much chili!
Hi dad, you need a hat! Just The guys! How do we get out of this place? Cleaning up

The kids kept themselves entertained throughout the night:
The Three Stooges The Bathroom becomes a fort. Uh oh, it's the fuzz! The Three Stooges return
What's in this room? Ooooh, party hats! They'll never find us here! Are you talkin' to me?
The big kids: Doty and Rita Joana's turn Pedro Fonseca

The Family Portraits
The Ferreiras The Fonsecas The Azevedos The Almeidas The Fonsecas (no relation)

After the party I helped with the cleaning up, then went to join my friends down at the Praça. I was the first one there, and I ended up talking to a couple of guys from Sweden. One of them had bought a sailboat in Greece and he and his friend were sailing it back to Stockholm. They stopped in Aveiro for the night and they joined us in the bar when it started raining outside.

We all had a great time, and once most of the places closed we moved over to the blue bar to hang out. There was a pretty amazing piano player there, just hanging out and playing whatever we asked for. He knew just about everything, from Abba to Janis Joplin to ZZ Top, and played them while we all sang and danced to them.

I ended up getting home at around 9:30 in the morning after walking Monika and Marta home, then going to meet Hans and Johann at the boat so I could see it before they left. I never actually found Hans and his boat, probably because I just missed them before they had to leave. They needed to go out with the tide, and couldn't wait. I'm hoping to catch up with them in Stockholm when I get there in a couple of weeks.

Thursday, 5 July 2001
Thursday was a long day. I started at 11am in the lab, which is when the students were supposed to show up. I stayed there until 1pm, then ate my lunch and went back for my 2-6pm shift. Joca showed up and said he didn't think the others would make it, and that he'd let me know if they were coming. So I moved back down to my office and stayed there in case there were any questions from Joca or either of the other students.

I then went home and got the apartment in order for dinner. I had invited Monika and Marta over for leftovers, and they wanted to share some Polish leftovers with me. I had to meet them at 10pm at the park to guide them to the apartment, but I got home at 7pm. that left me time to get the food ready and set the table for dinner. Then I took a short nap and went to meet them.

Dinner was really interesting. We were all pretty tired after a long night and a long day. Marta and Monika didn't get much rest either because they had to get up early to be in Porto to pick up another friend who was flying in. We all sort of worked our way through dinner, and then scarfed the dessert. That gave us a little boost, and they insisted I give them a swing dancing lesson.

So I set up my stereo system (my laptop) and played some swing music while I moved all the furniture out of the way and started teaching them the basic steps. I was able to teach them quite a bit before we got a phone call from the folks down at the Praça asking when we'd be there. We put everything back in order at that point and headed out to meet up with the rest of the gang.

At the Praça we all walked around and chatted and caught up on what our plans for the upcoming weeks were. We eventually worked our way over to Urgencia and danced the night away. When Urgencia closed, we went to one of the guys flats and looked at some of the pictures from the summer as we shared some memories.

Finally the night (morning) came to an end when Monika had to get back to the residence to get her bag and go to the train station to catch her plane back to England. We had a wonderful time, but at the end of all that we were pretty tired.

Friday, 6 July 2001
I came into the office at around 10:30 or so, then had to run home to get the network adapter for my laptop, which I had left on my desk. I was tired, but I told Joca I would be around in the morning to see his robot. I apparently missed him while I was going to get the adapter.

In the afternoon, I went into the lab and made myself available for the students, who didn't show up for another day. I haven't seen them now for a week, and I don't know what they'll have working in 7 days when they have to show their final projects.

I decided to take the night off and relax with some good leftovers and a good book. It was a nice quiet night, which I haven't had in a while.

Saturday, 7 July 2001
I went into school with Professor Doty this morning to try to get caught up after our hectic week of party preparations and clean-up. They closed the building at 1pm and after dropping things off at the apartment, I went to Jumbo to check movie times and grab some lunch. There were also a couple of things I wanted to pick up.

I grabbed the movie schedule and some lunch, then walked around for a bit before I headed home to get ready to meet some friends to see Pearl Harbor. We agreed to meet at 8pm since most of the movies start at 9pm. Well, when we got to the Forum to get the tickets, they were completely sold out for Pearl Harbor.

After a little discussion, we decided to see Evolution. I'd already seen the movie, but I decided to go along anyway since it's more fun with lots of good friends. Besides, this way I can watch the movie and read all the Portuguese subtitles! I picked up a few new insights into the language doing that.

After the movie, Marta Aga and I went to the Praša to see catch up with the rest of the gang, who went to dinner while we were at the movie. We got there shortly before midnight, and it was pretty quiet out there. We sat at our usual place and ordered. At around 1am we finally decided to head back home and try to get together another night. We were all pretty tired anyway.

Guess who we ran into as we got back to the residence? They had all been sitting and chatting all this time at the residence, and were just going out. After an extended discussion, they decided to go to the Praša and I decided to head home to chill and get some sleep. I didn't really feel like going all the way back to the Praša right then.

Sunday, 8 July 2001
I slept in today. When I got up, I made myself some homefries for breakfast. After eating breakfast, I showered and got dressed, then headed out to go for a walk. I took a book with me and sat outside to read for a while also. I got back home at around 5:30pm, and helped get some things set up for later in the evening.

I invited Marta and Aga over to learn how to make the apple crisp, since Marta has asked me about it a couple of times. I went to pick the two of them up and bring them back to the apartment at 7pm.

Between the four of us (Me, Prof. Doty, Marta, and Aga) we got everything ready and put it in the oven a little after 8pm. Then came the waiting . . .

We waited and talked for a while, with Professor Doty running off every now and again to check on it. He kept coming back and telling us that it needed another ten minutes. After about 30 minutes of this, we finally decided it was ready because we couldn't resist the aroma any longer.

Instead of letting it cool on the stove, we set up a way to cool it near the open window so we could get at it sooner. Good suggestion Marta! We finally got to try it, and it was delicious!! Definitely worth the wait.

After dessert, we all had to sit for a while because we had eaten too much. We talked for a while, and I started showing Marta and Aga some of my photos. Shortly after midnight, I walked the two of them home, and returned to prepare for a week of office hours for my students.

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