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Friday, 14 October 2005
We made a point of getting up early enough to see the sun rise over the glacier. Plus the room had complimentary hot chocolate and the weather was perfect for it. So we sat and watched the sun come up over the mountains of the Southern Alps before heading out to Alpine Guides for our hike on the glacier.
We got to Alpine Guides in town and checked in. Alpine Guides provided hiking boots and cramp-ons for the hike. We found our sizes and got ready to go out to the glacier.
We then rode Stumpy from the town out to the glacier and got our first look at the terminal face, after which we walked through a veritable rainforest to get to the glacier. Once we got through the trees Andy, our guide for the morning glacier hike, started telling us a little about the glacier.

As we approached the terminal face, we could see that the glacier wasn't as solid as it looked the night before. The reason for the danger signs became apparent as we saw the falling pieces of ice and rock. Strangely enough, a lot of the ice looked more like rock at first glance.
Looking back as we climbed to the top of the glacier we could see the work of this ovesized ice cube. As the glacier continues to advance, this valley will be reshaped by the ice once again. Ahead, the terrain is jagged and imposing, but our guide showed us the right places to go in order to ascend safely.
Early each morning several of the Alpine Guides people get up to carve out the trail for those of us less inclined to brave the glacier unassisted.

Fox Glacier
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